Amy Miller of McGuireWoods – a McGuireWoods Fraudclosure Queen

Many who are familiar with McGuireWoods would be surprised to find that they work hand in hand with fraudclosure firms.  This giant lawfirm, whose motto is “Relationships that drive results”, is now using these relationships to strip due process from families whose homes are coveted by the big banksters.

For the last few years, foreclosure has not been just a simple business of a peon not living up to their contractual obligations and having the home legitimately taken.  All sorts of banking fraud, which *special people* count on you not understanding, has eliminated many of the bankster’s legal rights.  After all, there is something *dodgy* about magically and secretly making millions of dollars off of a 200K mortgage.  But their outrageous crookedness ensures that they use their entire network of “relationships” to convince the mindless masses that banksters are always right all of the time, and are always entitled to whatever they want to seize.  They do this by total ownership of the media, and depending upon YOU inherently believing in the honesty of officials.

So what happens when a peon fights back in court?  If you have read this site, you will see.  The banksters use those “relationships” to ensure that your papers will vanish from the court paperstack, that judges will ignore every rule violated by the banksters, ignore even the most obvious of forgeries amidst a peon screaming FORGERIES!, etc…and yet if the peon slips up one technicality, the vultures all circle overhead, pointing their claws in derision.

In other words, it has already been decided who is to win before you even showed up.  Evidence and law are meaningless.  The long, costly, legal battle – just a drama to deceive.  If you hire a lawyer, your lawyer is most likely working for THEM on your dime.  And if you’re Pro Se, you will most likely watch as the judge operates as a member of the bankster team.

But anyway, where does Amy Miller come in?  She has served Fannie Mae and other big banksters for years, pushing the ole McGuireWoods influence into the courtroom.  She knows the dirty tricks and is not ashamed to use them.  Despite being *super special* and having pockets stuffed with loot stolen from the small-fry, she’s not ashamed to advertise her crony “skills” in hopes of getting new work heisting your home.  When confronted with notions of McGuireWoods cronyism in the courtroom, Amy has been known to react in disbelief.  Proving that she is either a simpleminded bimbo or just showing off some treacherous dishonesty.  It doesn’t really matter though … for nothing matters other than “Relationships that drive results!”

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